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Contact me Via Email at:

Also Visit My Fetlife Profile HERE  for more Photos etc.

Please put in the heading of your email If you are interested In Filming or Appointments.

We can speak over the phone if you desire. Please include that in your Descriptive and well thought Email.

You must Supply or be wiling to supply the following if you are Seeing me for the First Time:

*2 Positive References by trusted and reputiple Dommes.

*A photo ID. For my eyes only.

A deposit Equivalent to 25% of your appointment fee.

If you are filming:

Legal Documentation (I.D. Passport, etc)

Be willing to sign a Document stating You are Over the age of 18.

I do not see anyone, for appointments or FIlming any longer In Michigan, USA.

I only see Appointments and Film On location @ Mile High Dungeon Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado.


To View More Photos at Mile High Dungeon Click Here



Here Is a bit about me and what I enjoy:

For those that have not served me, I am a Mistress that demands respect. Trust cannot be given without respect. Not all of those that contact me for a session, are individuals I want to meet with. If our interests are not compatible then I will decline a session with you.

I say this because I am passionate about my role as a dominant and do not play in a scene I do not find intriguing or appealing.​

I have been involved in the erotic/adult industry  based around fetish/kink/BDSM for over a Decade. I have been offering in person professional sessions for several years. I have spent several years as a lifestyle Dominant and will always remain a lifestyle Domina before a professional one.   However, I understand that not everyone is seeking a “lifestyle arrangement” or relationship, and so I currently offer my time and understanding to help others fulfill their deep rooted  fantasies in BDSM and Fetish.

I am a blonde, extremely curvy, erotic Dominant Woman. I take great strides to make each session unique. All Sessions are customized for those ready to venture into my lair. You’ll find me vacillating between a fun playful persona and a cruel calculating Devil. I am a fetishist, a Mistress, a Dominatrix and play the important and rare roles that so many of you spend your entire existence seeking.

I treat my clients with respect and discretion, as they are always expected to treat me and my location the same. Time spent with each person is a power exchange and something enjoyed. Trust is needed to have a good session, and trust can’t be given without respect. This reason is why I don’t see those that are demanding of my time or request overtly sexual situations. I find they aren’t capable of showing the proper level of respect I deserve.

I am particular about those I see, let into my space and allow session time with me.

   Majority of Fetishes and Kink accommodated.  However, please inquire and read through my interests as I have my own hard limits and fetishes. am well versed and able to perform Medical Play and Extreme Corporal Safely.

Please inquire about specific Interests




To see some of my older Fetish FIlms Still Available Online, Please Visit


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