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I am currently Back in Michigan for a short time to sort out some private matters and also to finish helping with the Construction and design of a Private Filming/Dungeon Location. I will only be In Michigan for a couple of weeks as planned but will visit 3 times a year for family, Friends and filming. I will see those of you who I have already met and have known for several years. As many who have inquired already know, unfortunately I no longer see new clients in Michigan.

**Beginning March 1st, 2017 I will have a well-equipped and private location in Michigan Available to select visiting dommes to use for filming.

As I have posted several weeks ago, on my fetlife acct. and private social media, I will be attending Exoticon this year. This is my first public outing concerning a Fetish Lifestyle event in over 2 yrs. I will be there to see friends and hand out information given to me by my friend and fantastic Domme, .Domina Elle. We will be giving out information for the Decriminalization of Sex work and talking about Equal Protection Under the Law.  I was personally leery about attending, however my very Good friend Geo Syn is the lead Photographer for the entire event, and I have been reassured anyone who has given either of us issues in the past will be escorted out or not allowed to enter the premises at all. It also helps that his very close friend is the club owner.. Thankful for my supportive friends during this and any time, that I have personally experienced the insanity of the few in Metro Detroit

I will be returning to Denver In mid-October. Followed By: Las Vegas & Anchorage, Alaska in November. Then Dublin, Ireland in December. Back to Las Vegas in January

Denver is such a lovely city and the people are absolutely ecstatic to meet me! The constant influx of new people travelling due to business and the growth of the city makes work so exciting!  It’s such a different feeling being around such positive, intelligent motivated people. I’ve had such a wonderful time being there and will complete my move In February 2017.

As I arrived for a brief “return” stay In Michigan, I was quickly reminded of the different lifestyle held as standard in many of Detroit’s impoverished communities. Driving down infamous 8 mile on a Friday evening, I felt a sense of pity for those that are forced to live in that area and the sexworkers that stand outside waiting for their John. I thought about how these women would have so much more if sex work was decriminalized. They could feel safe. Be inside. Have health care. Even a union… and not feel as if they had to subject themselves to the rampant crime and unsafe locale that is and near 8 mile. As I travelled north of Detroit, near my own town, I passed Flint, Michigan. A city I attended a religious high school in. It felt as though hell had taken over. Property devalued, abandoned buildings, poison water. As Labor Day recently passed, and I celebrate with friends and family Near Flint, I thought of my own Great-Grandfather sitting in the labor Picket lines demanding a union. Equal rights. My grandmother and many women would take shifts going up to the sit Down Strike to feed the workers. It was a community effort. They fought for their rights, for their safety. They fought together.

If other sexworkers banded together, fought together, imagine how much we could do!

With the Porn industry Netting between 10-14 Billion dollars in 2015 alone, imagine what we could do if we fight for our own rights in one of the biggest industries in the world! [Source]

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